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Training Exercises and Fire Scenes
Dallas Firefighters Museum
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1960s |
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    Firefighters hose down a fire at the North American Aviation "B" Plant in Dallas. In 1948 - 1949, Chance Vought relocated its operations from Stratford, Connecticut, to Dallas, Texas, moving into the wartime North American "B" Plant. The move was the largest industrial relocation to date, involving the transfer of over 13,000 tons of equipment and 1,300 employees over the course of 14 months. 
    An officer coats a pile of wooden crates with something resembling oil or gas
    Members of the US Navy, Dallas Police Department, and other federal agencies watch as men extinguish a fire. These men wear white suits with the letter K on the back. Do you know what this tag is? Let us know at info@texasarchive.org.
    Firefighters spray water into a burning building
    A worker from Overhead Door Company, which specializes in garage door services and repairs, assists the firefighters
    A man, possibly a firefighter overcome with smoke inhalation, lies on the ground
    First responders jot down notes from the scene
    Two firefighters carry an unknown device
    Jeff K. Budjenska, a Captain with the Richardson Fire Department, who began his career in the Marines, then the Navy, and then as a deputy Sheriff under Bill Decker
    Water rushes down front steps
    Two firefighters grab coffees at the Salvation Army truck
    Dallas County Rescue Service truck
    Dallas Emergency Corps
    Mountains of debris