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36 Eyewitness News Segments (1978-9)
CK Carman
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1978 |
| English
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    Run for Your Life, 07/23/78: Runners, including Willie Nelson, participate in Austin's annual Run for Your Life marathon benefiting cancer research
    Pinball Wiz, 07/78: J.D. Beltran of San Marcos attempts to beat the world record for marathon pinball playing
    Beltran ultimately played for 164.5 hours, but his title as world record holder was short lived. Edward Leyden, the competitor from Massachusetts, beat Beltran's record two days later by playing for 170 hours. 
    Water Ski, 07/78: A man attempts to break the world record for marathon water skiing
    Clements - Election Night, 11/07/78: Election night coverage at the Sheraton-Crest Inn. Bill Clements won the governorship by fewer than 17,000 votes, becoming the state's first Republican governor since Reconstruction. 
    Interview with Republican candidate for Texas' 10th Congressional District, Emmett Hudspeth. Hudspeth lost to incumbent J.J. Pickle by a 52-point margin. 
    Various Standups, 11/78
    Neon Sculpture, 12/16/78
    Arson, 01/03/79
    Edward Albee, 11/31/78 Press conference with playwright Edward Albee
    LULAC, 12/01/78