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36 Eyewitness News Segments (1978-9)
CK Carman
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1978 |
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    Dates, 08/27/78: The Austin Dart Association breaks the Guinness World Record for longest game of darts on August 27, 1978
    Labor Day, 09/04/78: Austinites on Labor Day weekend
    Annual Auction, 07/05/78: Abandoned animals arrive at the Austin Humane Society
    Home Video Recorders, 12/06/78: VHS versus Beta home video recorders
    Wiz, 02/08/79: The Wiz at the University of Texas Special Events Center
    Hinohosa [sic], 02/08/79: An AISD administrator faces felony charges for writing fraudulent checks
    Maoists, 02/02/79: The Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade protest a Houston visit by Deng Xiaoping, then Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China
    Youth-Conference, 02/03/79: Student delegates learn about state government at a conference at the Texas State Capitol Building
    Shinerama, 02/09/79: Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha hold their annual Shinerama fundraiser, with students shining shoes for donations to cystic fibrosis research
    Boy Scouts, 02/10/79: Boy Scouts parade down Congress Avenue and ceremony at the Texas State Capitol Building
    Young Demos, 02/17/79: Then Travis County Commissioner Ann Richards speaks to the Young Democrats campus organization
    Abortion, 02/16/79: Debate surrounding state anti-abortion legislation dictating that life begins at conception
    Arab Rally 02/21/79: The Organization of Arab Students stage a pro-Palestine demonstration on the steps of the UT Main Building in the wake of the Camp David Accords and Iranian Revolution