Prince Rainier and Princess Grace Tour Manned Spacecraft Center (1968)
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    The royal party lands in Houston. The previous day, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace were in San Antonio to tour HemisFair ‘68.
    Princess Grace is better known to American audiences as the Academy Award-winning actress Grace Kelly. She retired from acting in 1956, when she married Prince Rainier and began her royal duties. 
    The royal couple meets Dr. Robert Gilruth, director of the Manned Spacecraft Center, and Houston Mayor Louie Welch
    NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper
    Dr. Gilruth leads Princess Grace and Prince Rainier on a tour of the Manned Spacecraft Center campus
    The royals inspect the Gemini 5 spacecraft. Commenting on the cramped quarters, Princess Grace reportedly told Dr. Gilruth, "I wouldn't have been able to stand it."
    Film explaining the Saturn V launch vehicle