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Apollo 16: "Nothing So Hidden..." (1972)
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    Liftoff at Kennedy Space Center on April 16, 1972
    Lunar orbit and landing
    Col. James McDivitt, manager of the Apollo Spacecraft Program for Apollos 12 through 16
    Commander John Young and Lunar Module Pilot Charles Duke go for a moonwalk to activate a series of experiments
    Driving the Lunar Roving Vehicle
    Dukes of Hazzard on the Moon
    EVA 2
    Press room at the Manned Spacecraft Center
    EVA 3
    "Look at the size of that rock!"
    Ascent of the Lunar Module and rendezvous with the Command and Service Module
    Command Module Pilot Ken Mattingly retrieves exposed film from a bay in the Service Module
    Reentry and splashdown on April 27
    The Apollo 16 flight crew steps off of the USS Ticonderoga