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The Ron and Joanna Clark Collection - Texas 77th Legislature, HB2669 (2000)
Joanna Clark
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2000 |
| English
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    State Representative Harold V. Dutton of District 142 introduces House Bill 2639
    Representative Warren Chisum, chair of the Environmental Regulations Committee, argues against the bill
    Representative David Swinford, chair of the Agriculture and Livestock Committee
    Representative Rick Hardcastle of District 28
    Representative Pat Haggerty, chair of the Corrections Committee, speaks for the bill
    Representative Ken Yarbrough of District 138
    Representative Rick Noriega of District 145
    Representative Jerry Madden of District 67
    Representative Joe Nixon of District 133
    Representative Dianne Delisi of District 55
    Jerry Madden
    Representative David Counts, chair of the Natural Resources Committee
    Division vote