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    August 14, 1968: President Lyndon B. Johnson addresses the 73rd Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly of the National Medical Association at the historic Shamrock Hilton Hotel. The NMA is a professional and scientific organization representing African-American physicians and their patients. During his speech, the president implored delegates to not abuse the Medicare program by unnecessarily charging higher fees.  
    Supporters of Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota gather as Johnson departs aboard Marine One. McCarthy was one of several candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for president during the 1968 election. 
    December 24, 1963: Air Force One arrives in Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin
    President Johnson, First Lady Lady Bird Johnson, and their youngest daughter, Luci
    Speaking with Beryl Pickle, wife of Congressman J. J. Pickle from Texas
    Congressman J. J. Pickle explains his vote in favor of a $3-billion foreign aid bill. The proposition, which gave President Johnson the authority to approve credit guarantees to the Soviet bloc, passed the House earlier the same day. Pickle served in the US House of Representatives from 1963 to 1995. 
    The presidential party next went to meet with Governor John Connally at the Governor's Mansion to prepare for the official state visit of West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, who arrived five days later. Connally was recovering from injuries sustained during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy a month prior, hence the concern over him traveling.
    April 8, 1968: First Lady Lady Bird Johnson speaks to a large crowd of South Texans at the dedication ceremony for the Padre Island National Seashore. The platform was constructed of driftwood, at her request. President John F. Kennedy sign a law establishing the island as a national seashore in September 1962. 
    College football fans fill Houston's Rice Stadium for the Bluebonnet Bowl. The stadium hosted the now defunct bowl game from 1959 to 1967 and again from 1985 to 1986. 
    December 29, 1963: Government officials await the arrival of German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard at Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin. The German leader traveled to the United States for an official state visit shortly after Lyndon B. Johnson assumed the presidency. 
    Texas Governor John Connally and Secretary of State Dean Rusk. This was Connally's first public appearance after the JFK assassination. 
    President and Mrs. Johnson, Colonel Jackson, White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, and National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy
    Chancellor Erhard arrives via a Luftansa plane. Newspaper accounts of the event report that the pilot overshot the red carpet on the tarmac by several feet. 
    President Johnson makes a welcome address
    Chancellor Erhard's speech
    The two foreign leaders pose outside the LBJ Ranch. Rather than hosting a formal State Dinner in Washington, DC, Johnson invited the chancellor and his entourage to Stonewall for a barbecue, the first presidential barbecue in history. While the president originally intended to hold the dinner—dubbed the Sparerib Summit—at the LBJ Ranch, inclement weather forced his staff to move the dinner to the Stonewall High School gymnasium. The food, catered by Walter Jetton and served buffet style on paper plates, included pinto beans, spare ribs, cole slaw, and fried apricot pies. 
    An unidentified law enforcement official speaks at the Rice Hotel. Do you recognize the individual? Let us know at info@texasarchive.org. 
    Meeting of the Harris County Commissioners Court in regards to the creation of a hospital district
    May 1, 1973: Houstonians react to President Richard Nixon's first speech regarding the Watergate scandal, delivered the night before
    An unidentified KPRC reporter asks representatives of the Texas Republican Party about the potential political impact of the Watergate scandal 
    May 1, 1972: President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon greet the crowds at Randolph Air Force Base before returning to Washington, DC. The president was in South Texas to visit the ranch home of former Texas Governor John Connally. Connally was then serving as Nixon's Secretary of the Treasury. 
    While shaking hands with members of the crowd, Nixon pauses to speak with Soviet nationals, possibly reporters. One congratulates him on the joint space program. By the early 1970s, Cold War tension between the United States and the Soviet Union remained high. In an attempt to improve relations and move towards a policy of détente, the two nations agreed to undertake the first international manned space mission. Named the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, the mission would involve the rendezvous and docking of an American Apollo spacecraft with a Soviet Soyuz one. Over the course of two days, crew members would transfer from one spacecraft to the other to conduct joint experiments. The mission was eventually conducted in July 1975.
    September 22, 1972: "Democrats for Nixon Dinner" at Picosa Ranch, Connally's ranch home south of San Antonio. 
    Houston Mayor Louie Welch
    To Nixon's right are Nellie Connally, Pat Nixon, and John Connally
    Composer Ken Sutherland plays "More Than Ever," the theme song for Nixon's 1972 presidential campaign. The tune was performed by the Mike Curb Congregation. 
    Sutherland describes his writing process and career aspirations. At the time, he was working for the Houston-based advertising agency McCann Erickson.