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Nixon Presents Medal of Freedom to Apollo 13 Mission Operations Team (1970)
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    President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon enter
    Standing behind the First Lady is Dr. Robert Gilruth, director of the Manned Spacecraft Center
    The President and First Lady greet family members of the Apollo 13 astronauts and the Apollo 13 Mission Operations Team
    To Nixon's left is Marilyn Lovell, wife of Jim Lovell. To Nixon's right is Mary Haise, wife of Fred Haise. 
    NASA Administrator Thomas O. Paine begins the awards ceremony, thanking Nixon for his support
    The Apollo 13 Missions Operations Team give Nixon a standing ovation. From left to right, they are Glynn Lunney, Gene Kranz, Gerry Griffin, Milt Winder, and Sigurd Sjoberg.
    Nixon addresses the crowd
    The President shares a message he received from Pope Paul VI
    Air Force One arrives at Ellington Air Force Base prior to the ceremony
    Nixon reads the citation on the Medal of Freedom
    Sjoberg, director of flight operations at the Manned Spacecraft Center, accept the nation's highest civilian award on the operation team's behalf