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Who Built this Place?: The Once and Future Landmark (1972)
Samuel Hudson
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    Opening animation
    Title card: Who Built this Place?: The Once and Future Landmark
    Thelma, "she of the nimble fingers," introduces the documentary
    Bunker Hill Monument and the adjacent statue of Dr. Joseph Warren, an American patriot, at the Boston National Historical Park in Charlestown, Massachusetts
    Robert M. Morgan, Chairman of the Government Center Commission
    Dallas officials begins arrangements to build a new city hall designed by I. M. Pei and approved by Mayor Erik Jonsson
    Off to San Francisco, California
    John R. Beckett, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Transamerica Corporation
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Boston Mayor John F. Collins congratulates two Columbia University architecture professors, Gerhard Kallmann and Michael McKinnell, for winning the open competition for a new City Hall
    Back in Dallas, city officials argue over a budget for Pei's design
    Back in San Francisco, the Transamerica company announces moving location across the street. They seek to build a 55-story headquarters building on Montgomery street.
    Architect Micahel Pereira speaks about the pyramid design
    Activist and manufacturer Alvin Duskin protests the new high-rise building
    Back in Atlanta 
    In Boston, construction for city hall begins
    A "message of interest" demonstrates the battle between Transamerica and anti-pyramid activists
    Back in Dallas, I. M. Pei presents revisions, and arguments over the budget persist
    In San Francisco, Public Relations manager for Transamerica recounts the construction planning process
    Back in Boston, builders finally complete the new City Hall
    Architect Richard L. Aeck discusses the design for a new Citizens and Southern Bank in Atlanta
    The new Citizens and Southern Bank in Atlanta
    In San Francisco, the Transamerica Pyramid opens it's doors on March 28, 1972
    On September 19, 1969, Mayor Kevin White turns on the fountain of the new Boston City Hall
    Footage of pedestrians enjoying the new Boston City Hall
    On August 14, 1972, construction on Dallas' City Hall begins