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Made in Texas/Texas Parks and Wildlife - Snakes, Game Laws, Recycling, and Caddo Lake (1990)
Texas Forestry Museum
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    First Chapter: Made in Texas, A Snake in the Garden
    Zoologist Andrew H. Price
    Paul Freed, herpetologist at the Houston Zoological Gardens
    Reptile House at the Houston Zoo
    Second Chapter: The Naturalist Journal, Game Laws
    Dr. Robin Doughty, geographer at the University of Texas at Austin
    Fish and Oyster Commissioner Report, 1903
    Third Chapter: Throwing It All Away
    Alan Watts, Curbside Recycling manager in Austin
    John Hamilton, director of Resource Conservation General Land Office
    NFM Plastic Recyclers, Inc. in Houston
    Gregory Caton, vice president of NFM
    Rob Borowski, environmental specialist at HEB Grocery Co.
    Fourth Chapter: Experience Texas, featuring Caddo Lake State Park
    Inez Hughes, director of the Harrison County Historical Museum