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Open Your Eyes: Man and Flood Plains
Kay Wilde
Sound |
1970s |
| English
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    Explaining how the plains flood
    Federal Flood Control Act of 1936 that has been carried out by building dams, dykes, and levees. Kay explains channelization of the landscape. 
    Kay explains why new infrastructure should be kept out of flood plains
    Methods of flood plain management
    Overview of the management of various Dallas County flood plains with Catherine Perrine of Save Open Space, a "smart water" organization
    Incentives for developers to put parks in floodplains is that it makes use of land not suitable for building and enhances the value of the developer's properties
    Elm Fork of the Trinity River, explained by Tommy McPherson, a drainage design engineer for the Public Works Department of the City of Dallas, and Joa Novoa, engineer for Albert Half and Associates
    Flood plains are natural habitats home to trees and wildlife that should not be inhabited by humans