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Fort Davis National Park Archives - Life Recreated at Fort Davis and the Dedication Ceremony for Commanding Officer's Quarters (1981)
Fort Davis National Historical Site
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1981 |
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    Sign for Fort Davis National Historic Site
    Scenes of Fort Davis, including barracks, officer's quarters, and the drill field
    Exhibits at the visitor center's museum
    A NPS invitation for the Dedication of the Commanding Officer's Quarters, dated 1981
    The Dedication of the Commanding Officer's Quarters on May 16, 1981. Around 400 guests gathered on the park's drill field  to honor Fort Davis' role in westward expansion. Historian and editor Bruce Dinges as well as NPS historian Robert M. Utley spoke at the ceremony with the assistance of NPS staff members from the Southwest Region, the Denver Service Center, and the Harpers Ferry Center.
    Superintendent of Fort Davis, Douglas C. McChristian, begins 
    Historian, author, and acting editor of the publication, Arizona and the West, Bruce Dinges
    NPS Historian and author Robert Utley 
    Inside a historical home 
    Historical reenactors depicting US soldiers sit by camp
    An old general store
    Soldiers at work or play?
    Marching to target practice
    Soldiers ride away from the fort
    Life at camp