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Fort Davis National Park Archives - Southwest Sites (1950)
Fort Davis National Historical Site
Silent |
1950 |
 Color & B/W 
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    "Old Fort Davis Boys Camp Summer 1950"
    A metal truss bridge
    Confluence of the Pecos River and the Rio Grande River, US90 Bridge rest area in Val Verde County
    The Jersey Lilly, saloon of infamous Justice of the peace, Phantly Roy Bean Jr. Roy Bean is a Texas legend and is most known for holding court at his saloon in the Chihuahuan Desert. Self-referred to as, "The Law West of the Pecos," Bean's reputation comes with an endless amount of eccentric stories. One of the most commonly known is his fining of a corpse $40, the exact amount in the dead man's pocket. Bean also allegedly only referred to the 1879 edition of Revised Statues of Teas for his rulings and used alternative law books as kindling. Today the Jersey Lilly is the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center. 
    "Through the Davis Mountains by Train En Route to Camp"
    A busload of boy scouts arrives at camp
    McDonald Observatory
    "A Glimpse of Ojinaga and the Rio Grande River" in Chihuahua, Mexico
    "Our Trip to Shafter and the Abandoned Silver Mines" 
    Abandoned buildings in Shafter, a ghost town in Presidio County. In the early 1900s, Shafter hosted six silver mines after John Spencer and General William R. Shafter found silver deposits. By the mid 1940s, all of the mines closed down and the town died. Shafter is now on the National Registry of Historic Places.
    "Rifle Practice at the Camp"
    "Archery at the Camp"
    "Swimming at Balmorhea, World's Largest Outdoor Swimming Pool" on the San Solomon Springs in Reeves County
    "Mexican Cowboys Roping Goats"
    "Our Trip to Carlsbad Cavern" in Eddy County, New Mexico
    Fort Davis National Historic Site
    Carlsbad Cavern
    "Visit to Buffalo Trail Boy Scout Ranch in Aguaga Canyon" (This might be referring to Little Aguja Canyon on Mount Locke, next to Balmorhea State Recreation Area)
    "Horseback Riding and the Coral"
    "Closing Exercises"
    A sunset