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Texas Film Trails - Texas Classics
Color & B/W
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    Short documentary providing an entertaining and irreverent tour of the Dallas area, including Southfork Ranch, a filming location for the Dallas television series
    Written and directed by Kevin Reynolds, this student film inspired Reynold's cult classic, Fandango (1985)
    Home movie of the 1970 state championship between the Austin Reagan Raiders and the Odessa Permian Panthers. The film and television series Friday Night Lights follows a high school football team based off of the Permian Panthers. 
    Promotional film about the Dallas City Hall, dedicated in 1978. The building served as a filming location for Robocop (1987). 
    Government film documenting prison life in Texas in 1955. The film focuses primarily on the Texas State Penitentiary's Huntsville Unit, which served as a filming location for a variety of films, including Bonnie and Clyde (1976), Getaway (1972), Urban Cowboy (1980), and A Perfect World (1993). 
    Raw footage of the scene at the open casting call for the film Selena (1997). An estimated 6,000 people turned up at San Antonio's El Mercado to audition for the title role. The film shot on location across Texas, including Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Houston. 
    Tourism film about Fort Worth, narrated by legendary actor Jimmy Stewart. The Fort Worth Water Gardens, pictured, served as a filming location for Logan's Run (1976). 
    News segment about the how Gilley's Bar in Pasadena took advantage of the popularity of Urban Cowboy (1980). Much of the film's action took place at the country western bar. 
    Installment of The Texas Experience about the history and legacy of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Bonnie and Clyde (1967) filmed on location in numerous small towns across North Central Texas.
    Home movie capturing the filming of Bonnie and Clyde (1967) in Venus, featuring stars Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty
    Amateur film spoofing the United States Air Force medical evacuation services, featuring a cameo by John Wayne on the set of The Alamo (1960). To recreate 19th-century San Antonio, the production constructed an Alamo replica in Bracketville. 
    Segment from Texas Entertainment News featuring an interview with Willie Nelson. Nelson talks about the construction of his Texas town, Luck, which was used as a filming location for Red Headed Stranger (1986) and the Lonesome Dove miniseries.