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Emergency Resuscitation Telemetry
Art Schulze
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    Telemetry unit that provides all the electronics and accessories for resuscitation, monitoring, defibrillation, telemetry, and communication in a single lightweight package that is used to treat cardiac, trauma, and cardiovascular victims in and out of the ambulance
    The unit contains a full radio system for voice and EKG transmission between the paramedics and hospital
    Overview of the technological components of the unit
    The unit has two batteries, one for the unit and the other for the defibrillator
    Transmission to a medical center
    Electrodes are attached to the patient, and the unit will begin an EKG
    Taking blood pressure. This system also utilizes space technology: a small microphone in the blood pressure cup picks up beats that would not be audible in a noisy ambulance.
    Using the defibrillator panels
    Oxygen canister
    Telephone that transmits the EKG to a medical center 
    Packing up the unit