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From Cane Brake to Sugar Bowl (1958)
Sugar Land Heritage Foundation
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1958 |
| English
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    Bob Bailey began his career in still photography, transitioning to industrial and educational filmmaking of the Houston area by the 1930s. The subjects of his many films include the gas and petroleum industry, real estate business, natural disasters, and sports.
    Imperial Sugar Refinery and Char House 
    What we know today as Sugar Land originally began as the William's Plantation
    Imperial Sugar owns plantations in Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Louisiana
    A preliminary refining process converts the sugar cane to raw sugar
    Shipments of raw sugar arrive from the Port of Galveston to the Imperial Refinery in Sugar Land
    The raw cane sugar undergoes the refining process to remove impurities
    Skilled workers operate machines to compress liquid sugar
    The iconic char house houses massive sugar filters
    The next step of the refining process involves crystallization 
    The refined sugar undergoes one final sifting before the next phase
    The sugar enters the packaging plant
    Workers transport the packaged sugar moves into warehouses
    The sugar industry effects Texans on a large scale
    The community of Sugar Land