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From Sugar Cane to Sugar Bowl
Sugar Land Heritage Foundation
Sound |
1960s |
| English
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    Bob Bailey began his career in still photography, transitioning to industrial and educational filmmaking of the Houston area by the 1930s. The subjects of his many films include the gas and petroleum industry, real estate business, natural disasters, and sports. 
    Imperial Sugar headquarters in Sugar Land
    History of the factory, from when it was the Williams Plantation
    Sugar cane fields in Hawaii
    Raw cane sugar arrives at the Port of Galveston
    Hoppers load the sugar into freight cars to leave for Sugar Land
    A brief overview of the refining process
    Employees of Imperial
    The refining process begins
    Workers pipe the sugar solution the char house
    The sugar enters the final stages of refining in the pan house
    The refined sugar enters the packaging room
    The packaged sugar waits in the storage warehouse for shipment
    Train loads of refined sugar deliver the product to Imperial's customers
    The narrator sums up the "tradition, the romance, hard work, and the technical skill" of the Imperial Sugar Company