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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, October 4 - 9, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    School Elections, 10/05/68: Girl Scouts encourage mall patrons to vote not only in the school board election, happening October 5 and 6, but also in the general election on November 5
    Gen. Sutton and Awards, 10/05/68: Major General William J. Sutton presents four medals to the family of a fallen soldier. Before his appointment as Chief of the Army Reserve in 1963, Sutton served as assistant division commander of Texas' 90th Infantry Division. 
    Sutton addresses complaints made by a small group of troops
    Ad Club, 10/05/68
    Jury Wheel, Judge Smith, 10/04/68: The jury wheel, in which the names of prospective jurors are placed and then drawn. District Judge Shearn Smith then explains how a data process system could improve faults in the jury wheel selection process. 
    Fire Insurance, 10/04/68: Volunteer firefighters and insurance representatives attend a meeting considering the elimination of a credit system
    Pasadena Police Chief, 10/04/68 Pasadena Mayor Clyde Doyal comments on the resignation of Polcie Chief Ellis R. Means. Means resigned on October 6 after John L. Fitch, Pasadena Civil Service Commission chairman, accused Means of striking him with brass knuckles two night before. Inspector Doug Wilson was appointed acting chief. 
    Welch on Airport, 10/07/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch comments on the prospect of non-stop airplane service from Houston to Honolulu, Hawaii. Houston Intercontinental Airport was originally scheduled to open in April 1967. Disputes over the delay became a major headache for the Houston City Council. The airport, now known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport, eventually opened in June 1969.  
    Chief Means Out, 10/07/68: Mayor Doyal addresses the press
    Former Police Chief Means relates his account of the confrontation between him and Fitch on October 4
    Blossom Heights, 10/07/68: Scenes around the Blossom Heights neighborhood in southwest Houston. In July 1968, the mayor's office installed a two-room trailer in Blossom Heights Park to better address the community's needs. The mobile city hall, known as "Project Uplift," was intended to make city services more accessible for residents of underprivileged communities. 
    Two Men Before Grand Jury, 10/09/68: KHOU reporter Judd McIlvain speaks with a pair of witnesses about an arson case being heard before the grand jury
    Prowler, 10/08/68: Officer E. J. Hopkins of the Houston Police Department wins the 1968 World Championship Fiddlers Contest. He went on to receive the award again the following year. Hopkins served on the Houston police force from 1963 to 1990.