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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, September 12 - 20, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Astronauts, 09/20/68: Press conference with the Apollo 7 flight crew: Commander Wally Schirra, Command Module Pilot Donn Eisele, and Lunar Module Pilot Walt Cunningham. Schirra explains how emergency egress procedures have changed following the AS-204 tragedy. AS-204, later named Apollo 1, was scheduled to be the first manned spaceflight of the Apollo program. A month before liftoff, a cabin fire broke out on the spacecraft during a launch rehearsal test. All three crewmembers, unable to escape, perished. 
    Mexican Bandit, 09/20/68: Police question a suspected thief
    Welch on Lake, 09/16/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch announces the specs of a planned lake
    Garbage piled on the street
    Red Cross, 09/18/68: Volunteers with the American Red Cross pack holiday donation bags
    Knife Slaying, 09/18/68: Investigators search the crime scene of a murder
    09/18/68 An unidentified man, most likely either City Manager John Unverferth or a member of the Galveston City Council, comments on the status of a strike by garbage collectors. On September 16, more than 70 garbage employees called in sick to protest too low wages and too long working hours. (Members of Galveston's Municipal Employees Union Local 656 were contractually barred from striking.) Only three supervisors and four garbage collectors reported for work. Despite threats from Unverferth to fire anyone whom he determined falsely called in sick, the walkout continued, with some 140 employees from the city's sewage and water departments joining the protest on September 19. The unofficial strike ended that night, when union members voted 113-13 to accept the city council's offer of a $15 per month wage increase and overtime pay. Upon returning to work the following morning, garbage employees agreed to work 12-hour days until the refuse that had accumulated during the strike was collected. 
    4-Alarm Fire, 09/19/68: Firefighters battle an intense blaze
    Dead fish litter the bank at Morgan's Point. Bob Cross, regional supervisor at the La Porte regional office of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, reportedly blamed the fish kill on a lack of oxygen in the water. An estimated 30,000 fish died.
    Mother/School Board, 09/12/68: KHOU reporter Judd McIlvain interviews a group of mothers about their demand of the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees to provide better transportation for its students
    Grand Jury/McMaster, 09/12/68: Outside a grand jury hearing about an arson case
    Welch, 09/12/68: Mayor Welch shares in confidence in Houston Fire Chief Jake Cook in providing all the necessary evidence to the grand jury. Cook served as fire chief from 1968 to 1973.