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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, September 9 - 16, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    HHH, 09/11/68: Democratic presidential nominee and then Vice President Hubert Humphrey answers questions at a campaign rally at Houston's Rice Hotel on September 10. Earlier in the day, President Lyndon B. Johnson told the American Legion convention in New Orleans that no one could foresee when withdrawals of American troops from Vietnam might take place. The questioner at Humphrey's event asserted that Johnson's comments contradicted Humphrey's stated prediction of an early withdrawal. To defend his claims, Humphrey asks one of his staff members to fetch him a copy of the day's Houston Post, which featured an article detailing the departure of a Marine regiment. 
    According to the Associated Press, Humphrey failed to mention the part of the article that reported that the "move was not a part of a general withdrawal" or that the departing unit was on temporary duty and was replaced by another
    Telephone, 09/11/68: A telephone company representative explains the necessity of a price increase and planned service expansions
    Blast Destroys Auto, 09/11/68
    Fire Escape Murder, 09/11/68: Investigators search the scene of a homicide
    Gen Marshall on War, 09/11/68: Retired Brigadier General S. L. A. Marshall, unofficial Army adviser and historian, talks about the possibility a "decisive break" in the Vietnam War. Marshall toured Vietnam in late 1966 and early 1967 to teach his after-action interview techniques to field commanders. 
    09/11/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch turns the lectern over to Humphrey at his Houston rally
    Following a contentious Democratic primary, Humphrey appeals to party unity by highlighting achievements from the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Despite his optimism, interparty tensions remained. Multiple top Texas Democratic leaders, including Governor John Connally and US Senator Ralph Yarborough, were absent in welcoming the Vice President to Houston.
    Humphrey Fields Questions on Viet Nam, 09/11/68
    Hair, 09/09/68: A school administrator outlines rules regarding male students' hair length and sideburns. After the Beatles popularized the "mop top" hairstyle in 1963, a national debate about masculinity and long hair emerged. More than 100 hair cases made it to federal courtrooms, with nine appealed all the way to the United States Supreme Court. The court declined to hear all arguments. 
    Sanchez, 09/13/68: An unidentified election official explains proposed reforms to the state's voting system, including the elimination of paper ballots
    Theater Under Stars, 09/13/68: Theater actors rehearse choreography for an upcoming performance of Bells Are Ringing at the Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park. The musical was the inaugural performance of Theatre Under the Stars, or TUTS. Founded in 1968 by Frank M. Young, TUTS began as a program of free summer shows at the newly constructed outdoor theater. While its summer program continues, the organization also self-produces main stage shows and hosts touring musicals at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. 
    Community College, 09/13/68: An unidentified representative of the Houston Area Hospital Association expresses his support for an upcoming vote to establish a Greater Houston Community College District. The proposal encompassed 13 school districts across Harris, Montgomery, Waller, and Fort Bend Counties. An election was held on September 28. Voters rejected the proposal. 
    Welch on Taxes, 09/16/68: Mayor Welch comments on a proposed tax reduction
    Truck Flies, 09/16/68: Police on the scene of an overturned truck that flew off an overpass
    Tornado Cars, 09/16/68: Cars damaged in a tornado that ripped through Lake Jackson on September 15. According to the Associated Press, the twister also tore off part of the roof of the downtown post office. No injuries were reported.