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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, August 23 - 28, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Eckles on Davis, 08/23/68: Bob Eckels, then president of the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees and future Harris County commissioner, responds to a concerned citizen's demand to a meeting with the board
    Davis on Eckles, 08/23/68: The concerned citizen, identified only by his last name of Davis, rejects Eckels' reasoning and explains why he must meet with the school board and not a committee. Given Davis' proposal of a full-time race relations officer, his concerns most likely relate to HISD's desegregation efforts. Although United States District Court Judge Ben C. Connally ordered HISD to integrate beginning in 1960, the transformation was slow and often ineffective. It took Houston decades to completely desegregate its public schools, and questions of de facto segregation remain.  
    Taxis, 08/23/68: An unidentified man comments on his petition to put the approval of 200 additional taxi permits to a vote
    Beauty Contest, 08/23/68: Swimsuit competition for a beauty pageant. The contestants represent radio and television stations from across the state. 
    Smith, 08/23/68 Democratic gubernatorial nominee and then Lieutenant Governor Preston Smith boasts of his support from the Mexican-American community after the Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations endorsed his opponent, Paul Eggers. Smith visited Harris County on August 23 to reiterate his position on solving coastal air and water pollution issues. Smith won the election, serving two two-year terms as Texas governor. 
    Girl Arrives for Czeck, 08/27/68: A member of a student group visiting Czechoslovakia at the time of the Soviet invasion returns to Houston. She then shares her account of helping two Czechoslavakian guides flee the country. On the night of August 20, approximately 200,000 communist troops from five Warsaw Pact nations–the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, and Poland–invaded Czechoslovakia. The invading force detained government leaders and transported them to Moscow, as well as seized control of Prague television and radio stations. More than 120 Czechoslovakian civilians were killed, most of them protesters. The attack was intended to crush the democratic reforms of the "Prague Spring," a brief period of liberalization in the otherwise communist country. On August 27, Czechoslovakia's First Secretary Alexander Dubček returned to Prague and announced he had agreed to curtail his progressive reforms. Dubček was forced to resign in April 1969 following anti-Soviet riots. 
    Rep. Archer on Taxes, 08/27/68: State Representative Bill Archer announces his intention to propose an amendment to the proposed new state constitution that would prohibit the Texas Legislature from implementing any kind of state income tax. In 1967, the Texas House of Representatives approved the creation of a 25-member Constitutional Revision Commission to draft a new basic governing document for consideration by the 1969 legislature. While attempts at a complete overhaul of the state constitution ultimately failed, legislators did repeal 56 outdated or obsolete provisions. The Texas Legislature has made multiple attempts to replace or significantly revise the state constitution. Originally adopted in 1876 and boasting 491 amendments, the document is one of the longest state constitutions in the nation. 
    Boy Search, 08/27/68
    Dog Returned, 08/27/68
    Lizzard Mate, 08/27/68: Children excitedly watch as handlers unveil a Komodo dragon
    Kidnapping, 08/28/68: KHOU reporter Judd McIlvain speak to the Port Neches couple whose three-day old baby was abducted from the nursery at St. Mary's Hospital in Port Arthur in the early morning hours of August 28. The newborn infant, named Drek Gregory Reese, turned up unharmed on a doorstep of a Port Arthur two days later. Police arrested Santiaga Flores, a 51-year-old grandmother. On September 19, a Beaumont jury found Flores innocent by reason of insanity, and District Judge George D. Taylor committed her to Rusk State Hospital. 
    Airport, 08/28/68: City officials, including members of the Houston City Council, inspect the construction of the Houston Intercontinental Airport. The airport was originally scheduled to open in April 1967. Disputes over the delay became a major headache for the Houston City Council. The airport, now known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport, eventually opened in June 1969.  
    Corrintion Booth, 08/28/68: Journalists from stations owned by Corinthian Television News, including KHOU, congregate during the Democratic National Convention. The event took place at the International Amphitheatre in Chicago, Illinois, from August 26 to 29. 
    On the convention floor