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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, August 15 - 18, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Forester, 08/16/68: An administrator at Ben Taub General Hospital comments on the walkout by nursing service employees. On August 15, about 25 of the roughly 50 hospital employees failed to report for their scheduled 3pm to 11pm shift. The next night, 34 employees were absent. State Representative Curtis Graves told reporters that group agreed not to return to work until the Harris County Hospital District board of managers promised to meet with them to discuss racial discrimination against people of color. 
    Killer Returns, 08/16/68: A murder suspect, handcuffed to a law enforcement officer, lands in Houston following his extradition
    Car Wreck, 08/16/68: First responders on the scene of a car accident
    Oceanography Gift, 08/16/68: Inside the laboratory of the Westbury Oceanography Center
    Blossom Heights, 08/15/68: Houston City Hall installs a satellite office in the Blossom Heights neighborhood to better address the community's needs, including a lack of organized youth activities and housing segregation. "Project Uplift," begun in July 1968, was designed to cut red tape and make residents of underprivileged communities aware of city services. The close proximity also revealed neglected areas in need of municipal attention and improvement. 
    Possibly Ernest Carswell, the city official in charge of the mobile unit
    Nurses, 08/15/68: The same administrator at Ben Taub General Hospital comments on the first night of the walkout
    College Petition, 08/15/68: Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Carl Smith explains the process by which voters can express their approval of or opposition to the establishment of a community college in their county. On August 14, Smith announced that petitions calling for an election to establish a Greater Houston Community College District received more than the minimum number of signatures required. The proposal encompassed 13 school districts across Harris, Montgomery, Waller, and Fort Bend Counties. An election was held on September 28. Voters rejected the proposal.
    Riot Cont., 08/15/68: Meeting of city and county law enforcement officials
    Korean Flag, 08/15/68: KHOU reporter Mark Hepler speaks at a National Liberation Day of Korea ceremony outside Houston City Hall. The holiday, celebrated in both North Korea and South Korea, commemorates the liberation of Korea from imperial Japanese rule with Japan's surrender to Allied forces in World War II. 
    Service Sta. Picnic, 08/18/68
    Alameda Raceway [sic], 08/18/68: Car race at the Almeda Speedway. The long-gone racetrack was also the site of one of Houston's first outdoor music festivals: 1969's Day of Joy. 
    Gulf Freeway Drags, 08/18/68: Drag racing at Houston International Speedway
    Cal-Beck Nurses, 08/16/68: At a press conference, State Representative Curtis Graves speaks for the group of protesting nursing service employees, relaying their request to meet with the Harris County Hospital District board of managers. People of color employed "at Ben Taub are generally given menial tasks," he reportedly said. "We don't believe that is right." Graves served in the Texas House of Representatives from 1967 to 1973. Along with Barbara Jordan and Joe Lockridge, Graves was one of the first African Americans elected to the Texas Legislature since 1896. 
    An employee explains the group's interests and frustrations