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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, August 6 - 14, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Security Preps, 08/06/68: Preparations at Delmar Stadium before a George Wallace campaign rally. The third-party presidential candidate made a 10-hour visit to Houston on August 6 before flying on to Montgomery, Alabama. Wallace first attended a fundraising dinner at the Rice Hotel. That evening, he addressed a capacity crowd of 12,500 at a high school stadium. Wallace rose to national prominence through his opposition to racial integration as governor of Alabama. In 1963, he blocked the entrance to Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama in a symbolic attempt to prevent two African-American students from enrolling. The incident, later known as the "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door," prompted President John F. Kennedy to federalize the Alabama National Guard to command Wallace to step aside. In the 1968 presidential election, Wallace ran as the American Independent Party candidate on a segregationist platform. He did not expect to win the race, but sought to garner enough electoral votes to prevent either major party candidate from winning the necessary majority. The House of Representatives would then decide the election, and Wallace hoped that southern states could use their influence to halt federal desegregation efforts. Wallace won five states, amassing 46 Electoral College votes. Republican candidate Richard Nixon nevertheless acquired enough electoral votes, 301, to handily win the election.  
    A member of local law enforcement comments on security at the Wallace event. Dick Smith, a Wallace aide, told reporters that 15 to 20 threats were made on the candidate's life during his visit to Houston. Uniformed and plain-clothed officers reportedly ringed Delmar Stadium during the rally. 
    Hunting License, 08/12/68: A sheriff's deputy comments on the eligibility of bow hunters to gain restricted access during hunting season
    Convention TV Coverage, 08/06/68: Reporter Dick John points out the volume of press personnel covering the Republican National Convention, outnumbering delegates 3 to 1
    Outhouse, 08/14/68
    School Guards, 08/14/68: KHOU reporter Ron Pierce asks a school crossing guard about union wage demands of the Houston City Council
    School Board, 08/14/68: Gertrude Barnstone, a member of the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees, expresses her opposition to the board's decision to raise lunch prices. She favored free lunches for poor students. Barnstone also comments on demonstrations by the NAACP, and her wish for their grievances to be heard before the full board. 
    Mayor on American Party, 08/12/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch responds to city support of the American Party's state convention
    Mayor on Water, 08/12/68: Mayor Welch recommends raising the water rate to meet the minimum production cost
    Accident, 08/12/68: Fire fighters respond to a serious car accident while first responders treat injured motorists
    LBJ, 08/14/68: Crowds welcome President Lyndon B. Johnson to the historic Shamrock Hilton Hotel. Johnson flew to Houston to address the 73rd Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly of the National Medical Association. The NMA is a professional and scientific organization representing African-American physicians and their patients. During his speech, the President implored delegates to not abuse the Medicare program by unnecessarily charging higher fees.