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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, July 30 - August 11, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    07/31/68: Scene in Miami, Florida, before the Republican National Convention. The event took place from August 5 to 8. 
    Miami Beach Convention Center
    Sharp on Reagan, 07/31/68: An unidentified politician expresses his support for both former Vice President Richard Nixon and California Governor Ronald Reagan as the Republican nominee for president. He then shares his hope that the decision of nominee comes after more than one ballot at the Republican National Convention. Despite his wishes, Nixon won the nomination after the first ballot. 
    Stitching Show, 08/10/68: Embroidery and stitching exhibition in a shopping mall
    Archery Club, 08/11/68: Archers practice their shooting
    India Mayor, 08/07/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch exchanges gifts with most likely Sri Gobinda Chandra Dey, the mayor of Kolkata, India
    Thomas & Barnes, 07/30/68
    HCCAA Picnic, 08/05/68: Picnic hosted by the Harris County Community Action Association, an antipoverty and community organizing agency
    Rake Dispute-Daniels, 08/08/68: An unidentified man relates concerns about a proposed multi-purpose channel on the Trinity River and its effect on existing dam integrity
    Mayor, 08/08/68: Mayor Welch responds to the man's qualms
    McCarthy, 08/09/68: Supporters welcome Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota to Houston. McCarthy was one of several candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for president during the 1968 election. During his one-day visit to Houston, he held a news conference, attended a fundraising reception, and held a campaign rally in Hermann Park. 
    Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas endorses McCarthy for president
    McCarthy comments on the Republican party platform established during the party's national convention
    Tower & O Donald, 08/09/68: Senator John Tower of Texas and Texas Republican State Chairman  Peter O'Donnell comment on the selection of Spiro Agnew as Richard Nixon's running mate on the Republican presidential ticket
    Truck Overturns, 08/09/68: Soap suds fill the street after a truck overturns