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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, June 19 - 24, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Holcomb [sic] Dies-Council, 06/19/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch shares his memories of former mayor Oscar Holcombe, who passed away on June 18 at the age of 79. Holcombe served as mayor for 11 nonconsecutive terms totaling 22 years. 
    NASA, 06/19/68: Astronauts undergo spaceflight training using the Apollo mission simulator at the Manned Spacecraft Center
    Train Wreck, 06/23/68: Crews attempt to move freight cars and repair track after a train derailment near Humble. The Southern Pacific train was en route from Houston to Shreveport, Louisiana, when the derailment occurred on the morning of June 23. Thirty of the 43 cars that left the track were carrying freight. No one was injured.
    Car Show, 06/23/68: Vehicles on display at the Classic Car Showcase
    Telescope, 06/23/68: Construction of the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Tucson, Arizona
    Sen R. Hall-Liquor by Drink, 06/24/68: State Senator Ralph Hall comments on the state of a liquor-by-the-drink bill under consideration during a special session of the 60th Texas Legislature. On June 18, the House approved a law that would legalize the public sale of liquor by the drink in two-ounce bottles. In spite of Hall's optimism, the measure died in the Senate 10 days later by a three-vote margin. The possibility of liquor by the drink legislation—allowing for the sale of mixed alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars—was a prominent topic during the 1968 election season. The practice would not be completely legalized until 1971, when the legislature responded to a public referendum by creating a mixed beverage permit authorized on a local-option basis. 
    Whale, 06/24/68: Veterinary staff treat Nemo the whale after an incident at Sea-Arama Marineworld in Galveston. Soon after entering his tank for the first time, the 1,000-pound whale struck a glass porthole with his tail. The resulting surge of water sucked the whale through the opening and into a dry pit that separated the tank from the spectators' seats. Nemo suffered multiple lacerations, and swam around the partially water-filled pit until 10 handlers could lift him back into the tank. Sea-Arama had only recently acquired the whale from Sea World in San Diego, California. 
    Child Authority - Dr. Hunter, 06/24/68: Dr. Madeline Cheek Hunter leads a working group about childhood education. In an interview with KHOU reporter Ron Pierce, she discusses educational approaches for gifted students. Hunter developed the Instructional Theory into Practice teaching model, a direct instruction program implemented across thousands of schools across the country. 
    Mayor on Sales Tax Increase, 06/24/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch on proposed tax increases and its impact on the city. He is likely referring to the $125-million tax bill introduced by Governor John Connally on the first day of the special session. 
    Bush on Tax Hike, 06/20/68 Congressman George H. W. Bush comments on the House approval of legislation that stipulated a tax increase as well as a $6 billion reduction in the next year's federal expenditures
    Liquor Vote, 06/20/68: On the floor of the Texas Senate, state legislators debate the liquor-by-the-drink bill
    One state legislator takes issue with the mini-bottle provision of the bill, calling it "subterfuge" to get around the prohibition of open saloons. The Senate voted to remove the section of the bill authorizing the consumption of liquor in miniature bottles before ultimately voting down the entire measure.