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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, May 16 - 22, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Jamaica Beach Damage, 05/18/68: Storm damage in Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island
    Parade at Ellington, 05/18/68: Military parade through downtown Houston followed by an air show at Ellington Field
    Astroworld, 05/18/68: Sneak peek of the AstroWorld amusement park before its official opening on June 1. AstroWorld opened in 1968 as part of the Astrodomain, a development complex owned by former Mayor of Houston Roy Hofheinz. Six Flags bought the park in 1975, operating it until its closure in 2005. 
    Hofheinz on right
    Miss Texas, 05/18/68: Molly Grubb, the reigning Miss Texas at the time, hosts a luncheon
    Fatal Traffic, 05/19/68: Law enforcement on the scene of a fatal car accident
    Steel, 05/19/68: Domestic steel production cannot compete with cheap foreign imports
    3-Alarm Apartment Fire, 05/22/68: Firefighters battle a three-alarm apartment fire at the corner of San Jacinto and Stuart Streets
    Lulac Anniv., 05/22/68: A representative with the League of United Latin American Citizens describes how the organization plans to use federal funding to serve communities in west Houston. Established in 1929, LULAC is the first nationwide Mexican-American civil rights organization and the oldest and largest continually active Latino political association in the United States. 
    Ins. Answer to LBJ, 05/21/68: An auto insurance company representative delivers a prepared statement in response to the White House's decision to conduct a federal investigation. On May 22, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a resolution directing the Secretary of Transportation to conduct a two-year probe of the nation's auto insurance industry. The study addressed consumer complaints such as arbitrary cancellations and rising premium costs as well as company bankruptcies and the adequacy of state regulations. 
    Escapees, 05/21/68: Police apprehend two escaped prisoners, Billy Alston and Bobby Beardsley. Alston and Beardsley escaped the Harris County Rehabilitation Center near Humble on May 19 after scaling a 12-foot brick wall. 
    Mosquitoe [sic] Control, 05/21/68: A city official describes what is being done to address an influx of mosquitos
    Dr. Dake-Vet on Rabies, 05/21/68: A local veterinarian warns of an increase of rabies cases in Harris County and discusses preventative measures
    Bush on Federal Closed Sho, 05/21/68: Then Congressman George H. W. Bush defends his proposed legislation to allow federal employees to decide whether or not they wish to be a union member
    Valdez Trail [sic], 05/21/68
    Shooting, 05/20/68