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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, March 6 - 12, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Guy Lombardo Press Conference, 03/07/68: Guy Lombardo talks about his heart operation upon his release from Houston Methodist Hospital. Renowned heart specialist Dr. Michael DeBakey performed arterial surgery on the famed band leader the previous month. After three weeks in the hospital, Lombardo left Houston on March 7 for an engagement at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. 
    Narco Raid, 03/07/68: Police display drugs and cash seized during a recent raid
    ROTC Competition, 03/09/68: Spectators watch a competition between ROTC battalions
    Wild Life Confederation, 03/09/68: Annual meeting of the National Wildlife Federation, a nonprofit conservation and advocacy organization
    Congressman Robert C. Eckhardt of Texas, wearing his signature bowtie. Eckhardt served in the Texas House of Representatives from 1959 to 1967, and the United States House of Representatives from 1967 yo 1981. He is also co-founder of the Texas Observer magazine.
    An unknown man talks about increased food production in Mexico
    Arrival Grain Train, 03/09/68: Shipments of grain travel by ship and freight train
    Hemisfare [sic] Puppets, 03/09/68: Mall shoppers enjoy a preview of a puppet show performed by the Rainbow Theatre scheduled to appear at HemisFair ‘68 in San Antonio. The World's Fair opened on April 6.
    City Council, 03/12/68: Meeting of the Houston City Council
    Houston Mayor Louie Welch
    [] on Hijacking, 03/12/68: An unknown aviation official explains a federal air regulation meant to deter hijacking. The same day, two gunmen hijacked a National Airlines passenger jet flying from Tampa to Miami. There were 58 people aboard. The assailants forced their way into the cockpit after holding a flight attendant at gunpoint. Once inside, they directed the pilots to land the plane in Havana, Cuba. The gunmen also took an older man prisoner, leading him off the plane upon their arrival. The flight was the third commercial airliner hijacked to Cuba in just 20 days. 
    O'Leary on Gold Rush, 03/12/68: A KHOU reporter asks an economy expert about an influx of gold sales in the European market. The rush did continue, with sales on March 13 reportedly doubling the levels seen on March 12. The increase in sales resulted from Italy's defection from the seven-nation international gold pool. 
    Hijacking, 03/08/68: Police investigate a supermarket robbery and arrest a suspect
    Mrs. Vick, 03/08/68: Joe Ruth and Jerry Ladd Gary take the stand during their divorce hearing. The case had stalled on January 23 when Jerry's mother, Ruth Vick, refused to help law enforcement locate her son. (Jerry had disappeared with the couple's daughter, Shelly, the previous June.) Vick was subsequently imprisoned on a contempt of court charge, remaining in jail until February 23, when she was released on a $1000 bond by order of the Texas Supreme Court. The hearing resumed on March 7, when Jerry returned with his daughter and appeared in court alongside his mother and estranged wife. Judge Ben Woodall of the Harris County Court of Domestic Relations presided over the case. He purged Vick of the contempt of court charge and temporarily placed Shelly in the custody of the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department.
    Jerry Ladd Gary breaks into tears after hearing the judge's order. Joe Ruth Gary was eventually granted custody of the child. 
    Shooting-Hijack, 03/06/68: First responders treat robbery suspect Norman Gaines. According to police, Gaines attempted to rob a package liquor store, fatally shooting store operator William Johnson in the process. Johnson shot Gaines in the leg before he died at the scene. Police charged Gaines with murder and attempted robbery by firearms. 
    Symposium, 03/06/68: Scientists fill an auditorium at a academic symposium
    Mexican Airline, 03/06/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch and members of the Houston City Council attend a promotional event for a Mexican airline
    City Council-Open Housing, 03/07/68: Citizens fill city hall for a Houston City Council debate about a proposed housing ordinance