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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, February 26 - March 6, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
Color & B/W
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    YAF Pickets, 02/26/68: Demonstrators picket outside IBM's offices in Houston to protest the company's trade business with communist nations
    Slot Machines, 02/26/68: Police seize slot machines from a coin-operated machine distribution company
    Welch on Bonds, 02/26/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch reviews the consequences of the failed bond election on February 23
    Caldwell on Relations, 03/04/68: A KHOU reporter asks Captain Harry Caldwell, director of the Community Relations Division at the Houston Police Department, about the program's status. Caldwell stresses the need to establish an atmosphere of good will between law enforcement and the community before a successful dialogue can take place. The department formed the Community Relations Division following the violent confrontation between police officers and Texas Southern University students in May 1967. 
    Nitrogen in Tires-Al Bell, 03/04/68: A Gulfo technician fills a customer's car tires with nitrogen, rather than compressed air. Filling tires with nitrogen allows for a more constant tire pressure. 
    Dale & Roy Rogers on Hippies, 02/29/68: Western film star Dale Evans, a Uvalde native, expresses her disapproval of antiwar demonstrators. She and her husband, famed singing cowboy Roy Rogers, had traveled to Vietnam in 1967 to entertain American troops. Evans further criticizes those who "knock down prayer." The actress was one of many Hollywood stars to attend the 1964 Project Prayer rally in support of school prayer. The Supreme Court had struck down the practice in a pair of decisions the two years prior. 
    Caldwell on Public Relations, 03/04/68: Captain Caldwell describes the long-term effort required to improve relations between law enforcement and the community
    Polution Man on Polution [sic], 03/04/68: An official explains how the Air Quality Act of 1967 will help cities and states alleviate air pollution. The legislation, a part of the Clean Air Act, enforced interstate air pollution standards and authorized ambient monitoring studies. 
    Traffic Luncheon, 03/05/68: Members of the Traffic Club of Houston attend a speaker luncheon. Now known as the Transportation Club of Houston, the organizations fosters a professional network of executives from all modes of transportation. It was established in 1915. 
    Big Search, 03/06/68: A group of men gather for a land search, ultimately discovering a large suitcase in a creek
    Astronauts, 03/01/68: Press conference with members of NASA Group 6, the sixth group of astronauts selected by NASA in August 1967. All were scientists with no prior piloting experience. At the far left is Deke Slayton, Mercury Seven astronaut and director of Flight Crew Operations. To the right of Slayton are nine of the 11 members of NASA Group 6. They are Anthony Llewellyn, Brian O'Leary, Robert Parker, William Thornton, Philip Chapman, William Lenoir, Anthony England, Karl Heinze, and Joseph Allen. Not pictured are Donald Holmquest and Story Musgrave. Group 6 was nicknamed the "Excess Eleven" because some NASA senior officials (including Slayton) deemed the group unnecessary, given the roster of active astronauts. Llewellyn and O'Leary resigned in 1968. Chapman and Holmquest left in 1972 and 1973, respectively, due to the lack of spaceflight opportunities. The remaining seven eventually flew as Mission Specialists during the Space Shuttle program. 
    C 130 for Reserves, 03/01/68: Returning service members land at Ellington Field aboard a C-130 Hercules, a four-engine military transport aircraft
    Lamb Auction, 02/29/68: Sheep auction at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
    Welch on the TSU-Five Trail [sic], 03/04/68: Mayor Welch comments on the media focus on the trial of the "TSU Five" and considerations about whether to relocate the proceedings to another county. Per his response, the trial was indeed moved from Houston to Victoria.
    Mexican Airlines, 03/05/68: Aeronaves de México, the flag carrier airline of Mexico, begins service to Houston. Houston Mayor Louie Welch welcomes airline officials to Hobby Airport upon their arrival. The airline is now known as Aeroméxico.
    Finance Hi-Jacking, 03/06/68: Law enforcement investigate a robbery at the Bankers Finance and Thrift Corporation