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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, January 26 - February 23, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Officer Richard Jof, 02/14/68: A Houston police officer rests in the hospital after being shot in the hand while on duty
    Livestock Prepares, 02/14/68: Crews prepare the Astrodome for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
    Library Wrap, 02/14/68: A KHOU reporter outlines the stakes of an upcoming bond election to add $5.5 million in funds for the construction of a new Central Library and the purchase of six sites for future branch locations. In the segment, the reporter references a non-governmental study that found the city's current Central Library to be inadequate. The facility, known as the Julia Ideson Building, opened in 1926. It was named after the Houston Public Library's first head librarian. Despite the proposed bond, a new Central Library would not open until 1976. After the main library moved to what is now known as the Jesse H. Jones Building, the Ideson Building housed archives and manuscripts. It is also the home of the Houston Metropolitan Research Center. The Ideson Building received listing in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. 
    New Post Office, 02/23/68: Miss Go Texan presides over the opening of a new self-service post office
    Pilot House, 02/18/68: News cameras capture the tearful reunion between Air Force Captain Jon Black and his family at Kelly Air Force Base. Black was one of three American pilots released from North Vietnamese captivity on February 16. The others were Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Norris Overly and Navy Lieutenant Davis Matheny. Black spent four months as a prisoner of war after North Vietnamese forces shot down his plane on October 17, 1967. Upon his return to the United States, Black underwent a week of medical tests. 
    At the Black home in Laredo, Carolyn Black tells reporters about how she learned of her husband's release and what she did while he was overseas. The couple's three sons—Mark, Davis, and Jon Timothy—surround their mother. 
    Grandma in Jail, 01/26/68: A KHOU reporter speaks with Ruby Vick at the Harris County Jail. Vick was imprisoned on January 23 on a contempt of court charge for refusing to help law enforcement locate her son, Jerry Ladd Gary. Gary and his daughter, Shelly, had disappeared the previous year after his wife filed for divorce. Vick remained in jail until February 23, when she was released on a $1,000 bond by order of the Texas Supreme Court. The court dismissed Vick's case on March 28. 
    Rep. on Pollution, 02/19/68: A state legislator comments on the politics of pollution control and whether industry is responsible for its funding
    Johnson/Vietnam, 02/21/68: Robert Johnson explains the economic benefits of achieving peace in Vietnam
    Arson, 02/22/68: Arson investigators search the site of a recent fire