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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, December 20 - 31, 1967
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Rocket Club Meet, 12/31/67: A group of teenage boys launch model rockets 
    Seamen Fatals, 12/28/67: Law enforcement on the scene of a fatal traffic accident 
    F.C.U. Commie, 12/28/67: A KHOU reporter asks an official about flu prevention in the wake of the Asian flu pandemic. An outbreak of H2N2, a strain of the avian virus, killed an estimated two million people worldwide between 1956 and 1958. A similar strain known as H3N2 caused a milder pandemic from 1968 to 1969. 
    City Council Many [sic], Ford, Mancuso, 12/27/67: A KHOU reporter speaks with three Houston City Councilmen—Frank Mann, Homer Ford, and Frank Mancuso—about two motions presented at a recent meeting. Both motions pertain to subcontracted work related to the construction of Houston Intercontinental Airport, now known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport. 
    Prior to his political career, Houston native Frank Mancuso was a professional baseball player. He played the catcher position for the St. Louis Browns from 1944 to 1946, winning the American League pennant in 1944, and for the Washington Senators in 1947. From 1948 to 1955, Mancuso returned to the minor leagues, playing with several Texas teams including the Beaumont Exporters and the Houston Buffs. He was inducted into the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003. Mancuso served on the Houston City Council for 30 consecutive years from 1963 to 1993.   
    Fire Death, 12/27/67: Investigators returns to the scene of a deadly house fire
    Hijacker Kaught [sic], 12/27/67: Law enforcement question an alleged car hijacker. Later, an officer recounts the chase leading up to the arrest. 
    Lewis Coker Hijacking Chose Shooter, 12/31/67: Officers respond to an armed robbery at a Lewis & Coker grocery store. A store employee describes the crime and his attempt to shoot at the assailants as they fled. Lewis & Coker was one of Houston's oldest grocery store companies, opening its first location in 1942. It eventually operated as many as 35 stores in the Greater Houston area. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1995. 
    Airport Hearing, 12/20/67: The Houston City Council holds a hearing regarding the construction of Houston Intercontinental Airport. A subcontractor then tells reporters about the completion timeline. 
    Houston Mayor Louie Welch
    Mini-Santa Claus, 12/31/67: An official HemisFair Santa invites the City Council to declare a Houston Day at the upcoming World's Fair and declares Mayor Louie Welch an international ambassador