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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, December 8 - 12, 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Channel Ship Wreck, 12/08/66: Damage to the German freighter Marburg after being rammed by the Italian cargo vessel Francisco Barbaro. The Marburg was docked in the Houston Ship Channel and loading cargo at the time of the accident. The ship began taking on water, but pumps prevented serious water damage. 
    Rothman Shooting, 12/08/66; At the scene of a shooting at a building called the DeGeorge Building (not the historic DeGeorge Hotel). Back at the police station, officers process evidence and interview witnesses. 
    Echols [sic] Letter to Mayor on Tax Act, 12/09/66: Robert A. Eckels, president of the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees and future county commissioner, speaks about the need for a change in the school tax assessment. In a letter to Houston Mayor Louie Welch, Eckels disclosed that the school district required an additional $19 million to continue to give students quality education for the next year. He also asked that the school board be allowed to set and collect its taxes, instead of the city doing so. 
    Army Medal, 12/10/66: Soldiers receive Army Commendation Medals, or ARCOMS. Instituted in 1945, this medal awards heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service.
    Stabbing (Weatherby Killed), 12/12/66: Police search the home of Dorthea Weatherby following the fatal stabbing of her ex-husband, Carroll Weatherby, by her boyfriend, Oscar Tubbleville. Dorthea told police that she called Tubbleville to her apartment on the night of December 11 after Carroll held her at knifepoint and forced to her to so. Tubbleville admitted to the stabbing and was charged with murder on December 12. 
    Hollar on Pollution, 12/12/66: KHOU reporter Mark Bell speaks with city official J. M. Hollar about charges filed against Alameda Parts and Service following complaints of pollution
    Pasadena Murder, 12/12/66: An investigator theorizes about the murder of Dr. Robert Pendleton. On December 9, 1966, a sniper fatally shot Dr. Pendleton as he was exiting the Red Bluff General Hospital in Pasadena. Law enforcement arrested Robert Akridge and Delmonte Whitehurst on February 10, 1968. The following day, Harris County authorities extradited Roy Franklin Brashier from Jackson, Mississippi, where he was being held by the Hines County Sheriff's Department. A grand jury indicted all three men on murder charges on February 13. Harris County District Attorney Carol Vance argued that someone hired the trio to commit the crime. Dr. Archie Burkhalter (Pendleton's medical partner), James Oliver Steambarge, and Robert Tucker (an operating room technician) were later charged as accomplices to the murder. Akridge was convicted as the triggerman and sentenced to death. Tucker and Burkhalter were convicted as accomplices, and given 99 years and a life sentence, respectively.