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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, May and June 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
Color & B/W
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    Christian Sci Monitor Man, 05/ /66: A reporter with the Christian Science Monitor, the primary newspaper for the Christian Science Church, describes a cultural shift in the way people view and approach God. He encourages the redefining of religious terms, while maintaining the ancient, Biblical concepts of God.  
    LBJ Family, 05/ /66: President Lyndon B. Johnson returns to Air Force One with daughter Luci and her fiancé, Patrick Nugent, for a flight back to Washington, DC, after an fundraising dinner for the President's Club on April 28. Begun under President John F. Kennedy, the President's Club was a organization run by the Democratic National Committee in which donors paid $1,000 to attend dinners with the commander in chief. According to the Associated Press, an estimated 900 members of the President's Club from five across states turned out for the Houston event. The entire Johnson family attended, with Lady Bird and elder daughter Lynda continuing on to Austin after the party. 
    City Council on HLP Rate Cut, 05/ /66: The Houston City Council and Mayor Louie Welch discuss Houston Lighting and Power rates. In April 1966, controversies over whether or not the HLP's earnings were excessive caused the City Council to threaten a public hearing to investigate. In this segment, Welch recounts a rate cut of approximately four percent that would hopefully reduce the earnings to an appropriate level. 
    Big Thicket Color, 05/ /66: Supreme Court Justice William Orville Douglas hikes through the forests of the Big Thicket in early April 1966. Douglas served on the Supreme Court for over 36 years, making his term the longest in the court's entire history. He was a well-known conservationist, leading protests, securing legal environmental protections, and jump-starting the modern environmental movement. He visited Liberty in the spring of 1966 as part of his tour of the Big Thicket region. Liberty Mayor Dempsie Henley hosted a three-day safari into the forests. 
    Douglas came to see one of Big Thicket's most prized possessions, a 1000-year old magnolia. However, by the time he arrived, an unknown person had injected the tree with a metallic poison until it died. Douglas was appalled at the lack of public lands in Texas and even wrote a book one year later titled, Farewell to Texas: A Vanishing Wilderness.
    Mrs Cernan, 06/01/66: Barbara Jean Cernan, wife of NASA astronaut Eugene Cernan, holds a press conference to express their disappointment in how his promotion to prime crew of Gemini 9A will impact his selection for Apollo missions. Cernan was originally a member of the Gemini 9 backup crew alongside Thomas Stafford. Following the standard crew rotation, the pair was then slotted to serve on the prime crew for Apollo 11, the first mission to land on the Moon. After the original prime crew of Gemini 9, Elliot See and Charles Bassett, died in a plane crash on February 28, however, Cernan and Stafford were promoted to prime crew of Gemini 9A. Consequently, Cernan and Stafford moved up one spot in the rotation, flying on Apollo 10 instead 11. Gemini 9A launched on June 3.
    Editorial-Almeda Genoa Rd 06/01/66: KHOU reporter Mark Hepler introduces the stakes of an upcoming bond election that seeks to approve $11 million to improve Little York and Almeda Genoa Roads