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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, May 9 - 20, 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Mice Wrap, 05/09/66: KHOU reporter Nick French visits a mice breeding farm. In chatting with the production manager of the Texas Inbred Mice Company, French also highlights the scientific purpose of inbred mice. 
    Arabian Heart Patient, 05/10/66: Samira Gommosani signs surgical paperwork at Houston Methodist Hospital. Samira, 17, flew to Houston from Saudia Arabia with her father, Suleiman, to undergo heart surgery the following week. To treat her enlarged heart, doctors replaced Gommosani's mitral valve with an artificial one. 
    Editorial, 05/11/66: Onlookers watch as crews attempt to free a fire truck and police car stuck in a ditch 
    Plane Crash, 05/11/66: First responders offer aid to a woman critically injured during a plane crash while firefighters pick through the wreckage. Just seconds after taking off from Houston International Airport (now Hobby Airport), the twin-engine plane experienced engine failure and crashed in a nearby field after attempting to make an emergency landing. Four of the five people aboard the plane, including the two pilots, were killed instantly. The fifth, Marie Lamb, was thrown 15 feet from the plane and suffered severe burns. She died five hours later. The party had stopped in Houston to refuel on their way to the International Petroleum Exposition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The plane was owned by the Lamb Tool and Casing Rentals Company of Lafayette, Louisiana. Lamb was the wife of Edward Lamb, vice president of the company. 
    District Fire Chief J. B. Martin recounts finding Lamb and attempting to move her from the crash site
    Charter Committee, 05/11/66: A committee of city officials meets to discusses recommended changes to the city charter
    Houston City Councilman Johnny Goyen 
    Sen E. V. Long 05/16/66: Senator Edward Long of Missouri comments on proposed legislation to regulate wiretapping by federal agencies
    Busch Brewery, 05/18/66: Anheuser-Busch holds a first beer production ceremony to celebrate the opening of its new brewery location in Houston
    August A. Busch, president and chairman of the board, speaks at the ceremony. "Anheuser-Busch has a long history and relationship with Texas," he said. "We are glad that we have been able to continue that relationship by becoming actual participants in the economy of this great state." Busch then dispatches the first case via helicopter to Houston International Airport (now Hobby Airport) for immediate delivery to Texas Governor John Connally in Austin. 
    Attendees tour the 30-million-dollar facility and imbibe 
    Hit & Run Update, 05/20/66: An officer examines a bicycle damaged during a hit and run incident