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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, May 3 - 9, 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Nixon, 05/03/66; Attending a Republican fundraising dinner, former Vice President Richard Nixon predicts gains for the GOP in the upcoming midterm elections. Nixon was in Houston as part of a nationwide speaking tour. The dinner was organized by the Young Republicans Club, raising nearly $60,000 for Teas Republican use.
    Nixon's forecast of the GOP netting 40 sets in the House of Representatives was low. The party ultimately gained 47 congressional seats, although the Democrats maintained a clear majority. 
    Dick Nixon, 05/03/66: Nixon discusses the growing divide within the Democratic Party, citing differences of opinion over the Vietnam War and the "heir apprency" to President Lyndon B. Johnson as the two main sources of conflict. Nixon saw disagreements within the Democratic Party as a path back to two-party governance. Appealing to socially conservative Americans, or the "silent majority," amidst such political disunity and uncertainty helped secure Nixon the presidency in 1968. 
    Fort Hood Training, 05/04/66. Soldiers run through military and combat training exercises at Ford Hood in Killeen. Fort Hood opened in 1942 in response to the army's need for open spaces to test tank destroyers during World War II. 
    Target practice and missile firing demonstration
    Lee McLemore on City Charter, 05/04/66: Houston City Councilman Lee McLemore responds on recommendations made by the Charter Committee. McLemore served on the Houston City Council for 10 consecutive terms from 1952 until 1972. He was Mayor Pro-Tem under four mayors, including Oscar Holcome, Roy Hofheinz, Lewis Cutrer, and Louis Welch.
    Connally, 05/06/66: Texas Governor John Connally speaks at a building dedication at San Jacinto College in Pasadena. After his speech, the governor discusses his concerns about low voter turnout in the upcoming gubernatorial election.
    Posthumos [sic] Medals, 05/07/66: Military officers present a widow with the service medals awarded to her late husband, presumably after he was killed in action in Vietnam
    McKaskle 1 Conf., 05/09/66: Campaign headquarters for Larry McKaskle, a Democratic candidate for Texas's 8th congressional district. McKasle was challenging Democrat incumbent Lera Millard Thomas. Thomas took over the seat in a special election following the passing of her husband, Albert Thomas. She subsequently became the first elected to Congress from Texas. Both Thomas and McKaskle lost to Robert Eckhardt in the Democratic primary, who went on to win over 92 percent of votes in the general election.