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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, April 12 - 18, 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Duesy, 04/12/66: Showcase for a new car manufactured by the Duesenberg Automobile and Motors Company. Established in 1913, Duesnberg was an American manufacturer of race and luxury cars that fell on hard times after World War II. Frederick Duesenberg, son of company founder August Duesenberg, unsuccessfully attempted to revive the brand in 1966, as seen here. 
    Grand Jury, 04/13/66
    Flood, 04/15/66: Houstonians wade through floodwaters following a recent storm. On April 14, heavy thunderstorms caused five inches of rain over Greens Bayou and Cypress Creek, flooding several homes. Meteorologists reported 3.52 inches of rain in 7 hours at the Houston City Office.  
    Short Skirt, 04/15/66: A female student gets in trouble for wearing too short a skirt to university
    Greens Bayou Flooding, 04/18/66: A city official, likely with the Harris County Flood Control District, describes future engineering plans to contain floodwaters within the bayou
    7th Dist. Preps (color), 04/18/66: At the Houston campaign headquarterss for Harris County District Attorney Frank Briscoe and Judge John W. Wildenthal. In 1966, both men ran for a newly created congressional seat. Briscoe won the Democratic primary, but lost to Republican candidate and future President George H. W. Bush in the general election. 
    KHOU newsman Ron Stone asks Briscoe and Wildenthal about the issues that define the election and their opinion on the Johnson administration's handling of the Vietnam War 
    Yatch [sic] Basin Fire, 04/18/66: Scene at the Clear Lake Yacht Basin in El Lago following severe weather. During a thunderstorm on April 18, a lightning strike set a blaze at the yacht basin, burning four large boats in their stalls. The storm continued to wreck havoc as it moved southward, bringing estimated 85-mile-per-hour winds in Lake Jackson.