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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips February 28 - March 3, 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Mixon Pickets, 02/28/66: Picketers march outside the supermarket where police fatally shot Eugene Edward Hill, a black man, on February 24. Patrolman J. L. Reece stated that he was attempting to search Hill under suspicion of shoplifting. According to him, Reece shot Hill in self-defense after a scuffle broke out over getting into a squad car. Protests led by the Reverend D. Leon Everett II, pastor of the Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, began mere hours after the shooting. Picketers demonstrated outside the store for several days, urging customers to shop elsewhere. Everett also sent letters to both Mayor Louie Welch and Police Chief Herman Short asking for a full investigation. Everett is likely the person interviewed about the incident here. 
    Prince @ NASA, 03/01/66. Prince Philip, Duke and Edinburgh and wife to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, visits the Manned Spacecraft Center. The royal was in Houston as part of United States tour promoting Variety Clubs International activities and British trade. He spent three days in Texas, landing in Houston (piloting the aircraft himself) on March 10. Governor John Connally and British Consul Gerald Simpson greeted the duke at the airport. That night, he dined at a reception at the general consul's home. Prince Philip started the next day with an inspection tour of the Manned Spacecraft Center, followed by a luncheon at the Petroleum Club and a visit to the Houston Variety Boys' Club. On March 12, Prince Philip departed for Dallas, where he conferred with Braniff International officials about the airline's use of the British-built passenger plane, the BAC 1-11, before heading on to Tucson, Arizona. 
    Inside the Mission Control Center
    An unknown building, perhaps a school
    A group of men gather in an office, perhaps within City Hall, while reporters snap photographs
    Grand Cham (Stock Show), 03/04/66: Ranchers prep their cattle for the Grand Champion Steer auction at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
    Prince Philip, 03/08/66: Oil tycoon Eddy Scurlock explains the purpose of Prince Philip's visit to Houston. Scurlock hosted the prince during his stay. He also chaired a fundraising dinner on March 11, which Prince Philip attended, to raise money for a second Houston Variety Boys' Club. Prince Philip is a life member of Variety Clubs International. 
    Woody & Marion Arriving, 03/08/66: Attorneys Clyde Woody and Marion Rosen land at Hobby Airport. The pair were likely returning to Houston from Miami, after defending Houston socialite Candace Mossler at trial. Mossler and her nephew Melvin Lane Poweres were accused of murdering Mossler's husband, Jacques. Jacques was stabbed and bludgeoned to death on June 30, 1964, at his home in Key Biscayne, Florida. Police arrested Powers three days later. Mossler was not indicted until July 1965. The accused went to trial in 1966, with the prosecution arguing that Powers and Mossler were lovers hoping to acquire the victim's multi-million-dollar fortune. According to the New York Times, the Mossler-Powers trial was so lurid that the judge barred spectators under 21. The pair was acquitted in 1966. Powers went on to become a Houston real estate tycoon.   
    6LS Cop Shooting, 03/08/66: Doctors inspect a man, perhaps a police officer, while two other patrolmen watch. Later, officers search the Industrial Material Corp, a metal service center in Galveston County. 
    City Hassle, 03/09/66: Meeting of city officials
    Houston Mayor Louie welch seated in the middle
    Chief Short on New Code, 03/09/66: Houston Police Chief Herman Short questions the effectiveness of a new gun control ordinance in curbing crime. Short took over the Houston Police Department in 1964.