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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips February 4 - 8, 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Film of Gem 6 & 7, 02/ /66: View of the Gemini 7 spacecraft from Gemini 6 during rendezvous operations. Gemini 6 was originally scheduled to launch on October 25, 1965, with a planned mission of docking with an Agena Target Vehicle. The target vehicle exploded after separation, however, forcing NASA to cancel the original mission and plan an alternate, Gemini 6A. Following another malfunction delay, the spacecraft finally launched on December 15 with the primary objective of performing the first manned space rendezvous. Gemini 7, which launched 11 days prior, served as the passive target. The two spacecraft moved as close as one foot apart. (Neither was properly equipped for docking.)  Gemini 6A returned to Earth on December 16. Gemini 7 splashed down two days later. 
    Briscoe Announces, 02/05/66: Former Harris County District Attorney Frank Briscoe announces his run for United States Congress. Briscoe served as district attorney from 1961 to 1966. He lost the congressional seat to future President George H. W. Bush.
    Bus Problem, 02/05/66: Mayor Louie Welch announces the purchase of Rapid Transit by National City Lines. Rapid Transit operated the Houston public bus system. The company went into receivership after accruing $7.5 million in debts. The sale to National City Lines paid off the Rapid Transit's debts and canceled a scheduled auction of 279 city buses. National City Lines operated the Tampa bus system. 
    Wrecker Drivers, 02/07/66: Tow-truck drivers gather in protest of a potential dispatch system adopted by the Harris County Sheriff's Department 
    T Mann on Cuba, 02/08/66: Undersecretary of State Thomas C. Mann discusses Cuba. Mann specialized in Latin American affairs, previously serving as ambassador to El Salvador and Mexico. Under President Lyndon B. Johnson, he received a double-appointment of assistant secretary of state on inter-American affairs and head of the US Agency for International Development. Mann retired from the State Department in 1966 to work for the Automobile Manufacturing Association. 
    Martin Dies, 02/08/66: Former Congressman Martin Dies Jr. comments on the current state of the country and the issues preventing a free republic to succeed. Dies served in the US Houston of Representatives from 1931 to 1945 and again from 1953 to 1959. In 1938, Dies established the House Committee Investigating Un-American Activities (later known as HUAC), serving as chairman until 1944. Prior to and during World War II, the committee intended to focus on the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi activity. Dies soon turned his attention to alleged communists sympathizers, even accusing 10-year-old Shirley Temple of leftist ties. Dies retired from Congress in 1959 after losing in a second special election to fill a vacant Senate seat.  
    Buffalo Hotel, 02/08/66