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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips January 31 - February 2, 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    McLemore on Pro Tem, 01/31/66:Councilman Lee McLemore comments on charter requirements for a permanent mayor pro-tem. McLEmore served on the Houston City Council for 10 consecutive terms from 1952 to 1972. He was mayor pro-tem under four mayors, including Oscar Holcome, Roy Hofheinz, Lewis Cutrer, and Louis Welch.
    Klosterman Friend of Jones, 01/ /66: Don Klosterman, general manager for the Houston Oilers, reads a news report about his decision to fire Head Coach Hugh "Bones" Taylor after one season. Klosterman announced his decision at a news conference on January 18. Taylor had just signed a new three-year contract with the Oilers. As Klosterman reiterates, he reportedly released the coach after hearing of an "inharmonious" relationship between Taylor and Oilers quarterback George Blanda. The Oilers replaced Taylor with Wally Lemm, who had coached the team to a league championship in 1961. He stayed in Houston through the 1970 season. After his dismissall, Taylor went on to be an assistant coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 
    Pro Tem Deal, 02/01/66: A KHOU reporter questions Houston City Councilmen about the The Houston City Council discusses the mayor pro-tem deal, specifically the fact that it will not be rotated. Councilman Lee McLemore served as Mayor Pro Tempore under four different mayors. In the clip, the interviewer asks other councilmen if they are perturbed by the fact that he continues to be chosen for the position. 
    Plane Crash J. E. Bott, 02/01/66 
    Vance Sworn, 02/01/66: Harris County District Attorney Carol Vance is sworn into office. Vance served from 1966 to 1979. Governor John Connally appointed him into office after the former district attorney, Frank Briscoe, resigned to run for Congress. 
    Arsonists, 02/02/66 
    Sec Ma, 02/02/66: A KHOU reporter asks Undersecretary of State Thomas C. Mann about the potential danger of communist refugees. Mann specialized in Latin American affairs, previously serving as ambassador to El Salvador and Mexico. Under President Lyndon B. Johnson, he received a double-appointment of assistant secretary of state on inter-American affairs and head of the US Agency for International Development. Mann retired from the State Department in 1966 to work for the Automobile Manufacturing Association.