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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips January 3 - 6, 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Mayor Sworn In, 01/03/66: Houston Mayor Louie Welch is sworn into office for his second of five terms 
    Kerns on Bookies, 01/04/66: Harris County Sheriff Buster Kern discusses the difficulties in catching illegal bookkeeping. Kern was the longest serving sheriff in Harris County and developed a reputation for strict enforcement against gambling and organized crime.   
    Viet Nam Soldier Award, 01/04/66
    Clarke Com. 01/05/66: Congressman Clark W. Thompson, Democratic member of the House of Representatives from Houston's 9th District, retired from office on December 30, 1966. This clip is possibly footage of a retirement dinner. 
    Carr, 01/05/66: Attorney General Waggoner Carr speaks about an unknown federal court decision. Though he confesses to not have read the decision yet, he is relieved that the court sustained the position of Texas in a prompt fashion. 
    Yarbrough [sic], 01/05/66: At a press conference, Senator Ralph Yarborough acknowledges requests for him to run for governor, but announces his choice to remain in the Senate  
    Yarbrough [sic], 01/05/66: Yarborough continues speaking about liberal progress within the Democratic Party and the state of Texas
    Westmont Bank, 01/05/66: A journalist interviews an officer about a bank robbery at the Westmont Bank