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The KHOU-TV Collection - Billy Graham Sermon at the Astrodome (1965)
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    Evangelist Billy Graham describes President Lyndon B. Johnson's "spiritual roots"
    The Johnsons and their guests listen to the service from a plush box
    1,662 people responded to Graham's invitation to come forward, according to the Associated Press
    Crowds gather outside the Astrodome before the arrival of President Johnson
    Graham welcomes the President, calling on the audience to "join me in pledging our loyalty to America." President Johnson reportedly received a standing ovation.
    In his sermon, Graham spoke on the "Great Judgment Day," condemning the false idols of fortune, ambition, and entertainment. "Whether we know it or not, we are becoming more and more a secularistic nation, where man himself is becoming an idol," he preached. "We are humanizing God and deifying man."
    Singing a hymn
    Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson exit the Astrodome with Graham
    The presidential motorcade departs
    The President shakes hands with people lined up along the route
    Boarding Air Force One