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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, November 18-23, 1965
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Graham Breakfast, 11/18/65: Christian evangelist Billy Graham speaks to an assembly of Houston ministers at the Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel. Graham was in Houston for a 10-day "crusade," or evangelistic campaign, held at the newly constructed Astrodome. 
    Graham Breakfast, 11/19/65: KHOU reporter Ron Stone sets the scene at the Astrodome prior to Graham's opening service
    Graham @ U of H, 11/19/65: Graham addresses University of Houston students about the modern "moral crisis"
    Termites, 11/19/65: Tenting a series of buildings for termites
    Tomball, 11/19/65: A KHOU reporter comments on plans for the small city of Tomball to host a Christmas parade on December 4. According to UPI, local merchants volunteered 25 blocks-worth of floats and decorations. Problem was Tomball only spanned 10 blocks at the time. 
    B-roll footage of Tomball storefronts
    Painting Christmas decorations for the parade floats
    Tucker at City Council, 11/21/65: Mayor Louie Welch presents a commendation to a Houston law enforcement officer
    A.E.C., 11/23/65: Press conference with members the US Atomic Energy Commission. The inspection team was in Texas to evaluate five possible sites near Odessa for a $340 million atom smasher lab. 
    Dwight Ink, the commission's assistant general manager