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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, October 26-29, 1965
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Short, 10/26/65: Houston Police Chief Herman Short comments on an ongoing case. KHOU reporter Ron Stone asks about ways to quell public panic. The investigation is question is most likely that of the rape-murder of Joyce Osten, an 18-year-old Westbury High School student. Law enforcement believed the person responsible may also have committed a string of abductions. 
    Sayers Profile, 10/27/65: Commissioner Philip E. Sayers, right, attends a meeting of the Harris County Commissioners Court. On October 27, a grand jury indicted Sayers on misdemeanor charges of using the labor of county employees for his personal benefit. He served on the Commissioners Court from 1948 to 1968.
    John Moore, 10/27/65: An investigator comments on the case against Sayers
    Bank Robbery, 10/28/65: Police investigate a robbery at Northwest National Bank. A KHOU reporter talks with bank employees about the incident.
    Robbery, 10/28/65
    Sayers, 10/28/65: Sayers at a meeting of the Harris County Commissioners Court and at work in his office
    Fatal Train Acc., 10/28/65: Law enforcement investigate the scene of a fatal train accident
    Bank Robbery Clothes, 10/29/65: Law enforcement asks bank employees to verify if a set of clothes matches what was worn by the robbers