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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, October 18-21, 1965
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Firearms Training, 10/18/65: Law enforcement personnel participate in gun training, firing at targets with both handguns and assault rifles
    Cutrer Files, 10/19/65: Lewis Cutrer files the election paperwork to challenge Louie Welch in the 1965 race for mayor of Houston. His wife, Catherine, pays the fee. Cutrer had already served as mayor from 1958 to 1964. Welch won the election, remaining mayor until 1973.
    Murder, 10/19/65: Detectives inspect the abandoned car of murder victim Joyce Osten, an 18-year-old Westbury High School student. Osten was last seen on the morning October 18 when she dropped off her mother at the shopping center where she worked. Osten's father notified authorities after he found her abandoned car in the same parking lot that night. Undergarments were found in the back seat. Law enforcement officers found Osten's body in a pasture on October 19. Authorities arrested Jerry Michael Ward, a 22-year-old former hospital orderly, on October 30. He was convicted of the rape-murder of Osten on September 27, 1966, and sentenced to death. At trial, police chemist Floyd McDonald testified that hair found on Osten's body matched Ward's. The case thus became the first in Texas to admit nuclear activation analysis into evidence, setting legal precedent.
    At the scene where Osten's body was found
    Morrison - Osten Murder, 10/19/65: D. D. Reed write down tips given to the police department about the investigation. Later, detectives answer press questions about leads in the case.
    Osten Murder, 10/19/65: Collecting evidence
    Detectives ask a witness to describe a possible suspect, producing a sketch
    Funeral for Joyce Osteen
    Police collect witness statements
    At a press conference, a homicide detective links Osten's murder to a recent string of attempted rapes
    Fuzz on Killing, 10/21/65: A homicide detective describes the make and model of a vehicle that may have encountered Osteen's car while it was being driven by her killer, asking the driver or passengers to come forward