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Everybody Needs a Forever Home: Realities of Black Adoption (1978)
William Mackie
Sound |
1978 |
| English
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    The narrator introduces Kevin, a foster child
    Foster children play on a playground
    Isaac and Mary Bell with their family
    Ken and Sandra McClennan with their natural and foster children
    Lenzo and Joyce Clark with their adopted son 
    Lady B. Foster with her adopted child Tommy
    The McClennans discuss adopting an older child
    Mary Bell talks about her family
    Lenzo Clark talks about his life changes
    Mr. Clark and his son at church
    Downtown Austin
    The Victory Grill, a historic music venue and restaurant in Austin. Johnny Holmes opened the establishment in 1945 after he realized that black soldiers returning from World War II did not have a place to grab a drink and celebrate. As part of the Chitlin' Circuit—a group of performance venues that were open to and safe for black performers—the Victory Grill hosted a number of famous musicians, including Bobby Bland, B.B. King, Ike and Tina Turner, James Brown, Chuck Berry and Etta James. The venue joined the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. 
    Bill Lawson, Pastor at the Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church in Houston
    The Bell family
    Lenzo Clark in Round Rock
    The Bells ride on a train through a park
    Pastor Bill Lawson
    Mrs. Lady B. Foster with her son Tommy
    The Bells
    The Clarks
    The McClennans