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Not Only Strangers (1979)
William Mackie
Sound |
1979 |
| English
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    The End of Ideology: On the Exhaustion of Political Ideas in the Fifties (1960) by Daniel Bell, a book that describes the decline of major ideologies, such as Marxism, conservatism and liberalism and the rise of pragmatism in the 1950s 
    Sara runs into Tom, an attractive classmate, at the Texas Union Bookstore at the University of Texas at Austin
    Tom asks Sara on a date
    Sara describes her upcoming date with Tom
    Sara has a drink at Tom's house
    Tom becomes violent with Sara when she tries to leave
    Marty and Jennie notice something amiss with Sara when she returns home
    Sara carefully takes her clothes off in the bathroom
    Sara tells Marty and Jennie that Tom raped her
    Marty tells Sara about her own experience with sexual assault 
    Marty, Jennie, and Sara arrive at the police station
    Sergeant Hill asks Sara questions about her rape