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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, October 14-17, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Fierro Dies, 10/15/68: Louis John Fierro, a used car salesman, takes a potential customer on a tour of the lot. Fierro underwent heart transplant surgery at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston on May 21. He relocated from Elmont, New York, to Houston following the operation to continue semiweekly hospital appointments. Fierro passed away on October 14 due to his body's apparent rejection of the transplanted heart. 
    Fierro takes a break from the hospital to enjoy a baseball game at the Astrodome in June 1968. He was released on July 29. 
    Gen. Schriever, 10/14/68: Retired Air Force General Bernard Schriever compares the Soviet and American space programs. Through his long association with the Air Force Systems Command, Schriever oversaw the research and development of such ballistic missiles as Thor, Atlas, and Titan, all of which were used by the NASA space program. 
    Heroin, 10/14/68: Law enforcement displays the sizable amount of heroin it seized following the arrest of two suspects
    Escapees-Chief Frazier, 10/14/68: Harris County Chief Deputy Sheriff Lloyd Frazier shares a lead in the search for two escaped prisoners 
    Human Rights Day, 10/20/68: Families gather at the Miller Outdoor Theatre for a variety of musical and theatrical performances. The new theater building, designed by Eugene Werlin and Associates, opened earlier that year. Human Rights Day commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. Despite the segment's dating, the day falls on December 10, not October 20. 
    Grand Jury Fire, 10/17/68: Outside a grand jury hearing, a KHOU reporter questions officials and witnesses about the cause of a fire under investigation 
    United Fund, 10/16/68. The United Community Funds and Communities of America (later known as United Way of America and now United Way Worldwide) hosts a fundraising gala at the Rice Hotel. With nearly 1,800 offices around the globe, United Way is a non-profit organization that mobilizes a coalition of local charitable communities in order to pool efforts in fundraising and support. 
    Sex Classes, 10/17/68: Following public criticism, a professor defends his course on marriage, family, and sex education
    Stadium Fence, 10/17/68: Barbed-wire fence along both sides Fannin Street near the Astrodome
    Connally Comes to Houston, 10/16/68: Governor John Connally talks about his plan to join the Houston law firm Vinson, Elkins, Weems and Searls after leaving office in January 1969
    Shrimper Sinks, 10/16/68: Crews rescue fishermen after their shrimp boat took on water
    Garbage, 10/16/68: City officials debate a pay increase for garbage collection personnel