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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, February 12 - 13, 1967
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Officer Sanders Benefit, 02/12/67: Law enforcement officers organize a fundraiser at Dance Town USA
    Congressman Daddario, 02/12/67: Press conference with Congressman Emilio Daddario of Connecticut about the automobile industry and efforts to curb pollution
    Pollution Meeting - Elliot, 02/13/67
    Mayor Lindsey [sic] on Pollution, 02/13/67: New York City Mayor John Lindsay comments on police department restrictions
    Welch on Advalorem Reduction, 02/13/67: Houston Mayor Louie Welch talks about a proposed city sales tax and its lowering effect on other ad valorem and property taxes
    Heart Patient, 02/13/67: A spokesperson with Houston Methodist Hospital comments on the status of a patient who underwent heart surgery. Arces Hector Fernandez, a 38-year-old farmer and rancher from Mexico, was the sixth patient to receive an artificial heart pump by the hospital's cardiovascular team, headed by Dr. Michael DeBakey. He died four days later due to pneumonia. 
    Bishop Pike, 02/13/67: Bishop James Pike ruminates on the phrase "God is dead"
    School Board Tax Bill, 02/13/67: The Houston Independent School District Board of Education meets to discuss the necessity and use of a proposed tax bill