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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, October and November 1969
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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1969 |
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    Conrad Flight LTV, 10/25/69: Astronaut Pete Conrad pilots the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle during training at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base in Houston
    Bell Aerosystems constructed two Lunar Landing Research Vehicles and three Lunar Landing Training Vehicles, used by research test pilots and astronauts to develop piloting techniques for flying and landing the Apollo Lunar Module.
    Pop-up art sale in a shopping mall
    Barrels of oil await transport
    Meeting and interview about a stress on US-Mexico relations
    George H. W. Bush comments on a report detailing the use of narcotics on the Rice University campus
    Crowds follow a woman riding a horse à la Lady Godiva
    Meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Houston. The Houston chapter of the international service organization was established in 1919. 
    A trained bear entertains guests at a Shriners meeting
    A woman asks the Houston City Council to designate November 15 as the City of Lights Day, requesting all citizens to turn on porch lights as a sign of opposition to the efforts of protesters
    A bearded student walks around the University of Houston campus 
    A KHOU reporter asks UH students about rules forbidding male students from sporting beards
    Awards ceremony
    At the scene of a crime