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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, September 20-28, 1965
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Fire Truck, 09/20/65: KHOU reporter Ron Stone relates the story of an antique fire truck, purchased by the fire department in 1911 and still in use. He then describes the history of the department. 
    Fire Truck, 09/20/65: The antique fire truck arrives at the fire station
    BOSQ[?], 09/21/65: Army Engineers describe how they used a transducer to discover a missing barge in the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The vessel sank after it was ripped loose from its moorings during Hurricane Betsy on September 10. The incident prompted an extensive search by Army, Navy, and civilian divers. The barge was loaded with 600 tons of chlorine, enough to kill an estimated 40,000 people should the chemical be accidentally released. Shipping traffic was halted on the Mississippi River until the barge was found on September 16. 
    Murder, 09/22/65: Police and crime scene analysts arrive at a crime scene
    Cougar, 09/23/65: Inside the newsroom for The Cougar, the student newspaper for the University of Houston. The Houstonian is the name for the university's yearbook. 
    Barge, 09/27/65
    Murderers, 09/27/65: Suspected murderers in police custody
    Madlyn [sic] Murray, 09/28/65: Atheist activist Madalyn Murray (later known as Madalyn Murray O'Hair) comments on her lawsuit against the City of Baltimore challenging the tax-exempt status of churches. Murray moved to Austin in 1965, where she established the American Atheist Center and the Society of Separationists.