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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, December 1964
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Christmas Lights: Christmas decorations around downtown Houston
    The Metropolitan Theatre and the Loew's State Theatre were a pair of historic movie theaters located on Houston's Main Street. The Metropolitan opened on Christmas Day 1926. Similar to several other movie palaces across the country, the theater adopted an Egyptian theme, with floor and wall mosaics of pharaohs and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It closed in 1973. The Loew's opened in 1927 with a screening of Annie Laurie, a silent film starring Lillian Gish. It closed in 1972, 45 years to the day it opened. Both theaters were demolished in 1973. 
    Last Council Meet: The year's final meeting of the Houston City Council draws a large crowd
    Houston Mayor Louie Welch
    U.H. Board of Regents: Meeting of the University of Houston Board of Regents
    A&M Ship: Aboard the R. V. Alaminos, a research vessel used by the Texas A&M College (now Texas A&M University) oceanography and meteorology department. The former Army freight ship was converted in the early 1960s, featuring over 1,800 feet of laboratory space and a hydraulic crane for handling gear on the foredeck. The vessel was named after Antón de Alaminos, a Spanish pilot who participated in the Cordova and Cortes expeditions. 
    USS Texas: Newsman Ron Stone reports on what the Pentagon plans to do with the remaining battleships in its reserve fleet. The USS Texas, anchored along the Houston Ship Channel, left the reserve fleet in 1948 when she was turned over to the State of Texas as a museum ship.